Unique Invention Begins New Era of Watches & Clocks
Solar Clock
(Based on Revolution of Earth)
Features & Description
  1. Central clock denotes parent country time in 12 hours.

  2. Outer to central clock, blue hand represents Earth hand and denotes:- revolution of Earth around Sun anticlockwise from West(W) to East(E),once in 365 days (pivot of Watch being the Sun).

  3. Represents International seasons and Indian seasons with their duration.

  4. Denotes solar year as a whole showing 12 solar months and 365 solar days anticlockwise.

  5. Shows Date & month of Gregorian calendar.

  6. Indicates Dates having summer/winter solstice and vernal/autumnal equinox.

  7. Shows Position of sun from equator(i.e.sun being in northern or southern hemisphere)along with dates when sun becomes northern and Southern in direction.

  8. Indicates Dates of personal importance e.g. birthday, wedding anniversary etc.
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