Unique Invention Begins New Era of Watches & Clocks
Lunar Clock
(Based on Revolution of Moon)
Features & Description
  1. Central clock denotes parent country time in 12 hours.

  2. Rotating ring outer to central clock indicates revolution of moon around Earth once in 27.32 days anticlockwise and shows visibility of Moon accordingly.

  3. Outer part of rotating ring shows all 30 phases of moon marked by figures 1-15(Full moon) and 1-14&30(New moon) anticlockwise,which in alignment to blue color Earth Hand indicates completion of lunar date,denoting a synodic lunar month.

  4. Shows start and end of a lunar date (tithi).

  5. White dots in between lunar dates represents Karnas and black dots sequence of fixed Karnas.

  6. Outer to rotating ring is another rotating ring over which is attached a green color Lunar Hand which rotates once in 354 days anticlockwise and represents revolution of moon around sun called a lunar year.

  7. Green lunar hand indicates 12 Lunar months with day of Full moon and New moon in a month which are marked in outer part of fixed ring anticlockwise (Moon revolves about 13 times around earth in one lunar year).

  8. Shows angular difference between earth hand and lunar hand.

Note : Useful for most of the Hindu and Muslim families, because all the festivals and fasts are related to lunar calendar.

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