Unique Invention Begins New Era of Watches & Clocks
Global Clock
(Based on Rotation of Earth)
Features & Description
  1. Central clock denotes parent country time in 12 hours.

  2. Disc outer to central clock denotes Earth and shows rotation of Earth anticlockwise from West(W) to East(E),once in 24 hours duration.

  3. Rotating disc shows name of requied >30 countries/cities at their time meridian and their time is denoted by outer Fixed Time Zone Ring (marked by figure 1-24 anticlockwise) .Countries can show their zonal and summer time also.

  4. Time difference (+) or (-) between any two countries can be known.

  5. Denotes GMT i.e. Universal time.

  6. Indicates places on earth surface having mid noon and mid night with date change at any time of the day.

  7. Slightly >or<180° anti-clockwise shows Sun rise in East and >or<180° clockwise shows Sun set in West from a country , according to the situation of countries on their latitudes.

  8. Percentage of day completed by different countries is shown by outermost fixed ring anticlockwise.

  9. Week days watch in centre,shows week day completed; clockwise.

  10. Small minute/second watch in centre is helpful to know time in minutes and seconds of those countries whose time difference is in odd hours e.g. 4.5 hrs;2.5 hrs.etc.

Note : Useful for hotels, airports, aircrafts, tourist offices, games and sports, railways, astronomers etc.
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