The planets with their own satellites are revolving around the sun since the solar system came in existence; but measurement of time started only a few millenniums ago. At present, it is measured by a watch which shows the duration taken by earth to complete one rotation which we have named 24 hours (a day).

A trial has been done to show revolution of earth and moon in the watch, which is based on the speed of their movement with the help of gearings which was missing by this time. This yields so many parameters which are of great importance to human beings in their day-to-day life.

An attempt is made to convert the present 24 hours time in metric system for easy and accurate calculations which can be performed by a calculator, without disturbing the duration of present time unit i.e. ‘SECOND’. Time measurement in Ghatis and Palas added.

An opportunity is provided to print solar and lunar calendars of personal necessity as a whole and marking of required time meridians on rotating disc, along with provision for using either of the systems ‘sayana’ or ‘nirayana’.

Utmost care is taken to make the gears of Earth & Moon revolution according to the approximate time taken by them across different signs.

Rising sign (rasi) at any time of the day and early/ late sunrise and sunset time are marked at home latitude. Tilt of Earth, elliptical revolution of earth and seasons are shown diagrammatically. A digital days recording meter upto one million days, a day watch and digital room thermometer is added.

By look, the watch seems to be an aerial view from heaven showing rotation and revolution of earth along with moon in zodiac.

I hope this will be fruitful and of utmost use to every individual in all fields of life.

Dr. M. L. Agrawal

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