No. of Hands mounted on pivot of main watch :

  1. Red small hand (on top) moves clockwise and indicate time of own country in 24 hours starting from midnight along with day completed in percentage.

  2. Green medium size hand (in middle) moves anti clockwise and indicate lunar month. Black dots indicate new moon day where as white dots indicate full moon day along with festivals.

  3. Blue long hand (at bottom) moves anti clockwise and indicates solar day and month with seasons (printed around innermost circle).

    N.B. : White hand fixed at no. 30 of rotating red ring indicates situation of moon.

No. of rotating rings :

  1. Inner white disc labeled by country names rotates anticlockwise and denotes time of foreign countries with the help of printed time zone (outer to this) marked anticlockwise in 24 hours starting from mid night.

  2. Outer red ring labeled by lunar dates clockwise, rotates anticlockwise and denotes lunar dates in alignment to long blue hand (earth hand).

No. of associated watches :

  1. Minute and second hand moves clockwise and indicate time in minutes and seconds.

  2. Hand of week days watch moves clockwise and indicate day of the week.

Other Features

  1. Click to adjust Sayana / Nirayana indicates Sayana / Nirayana longitudes, as required.

  2. Press to adjust FP-ring helps in family planning.

  3. Blinking and in padas ring indicates position of Rahu (ascending node) and Ketu (descending node).

  4. A semi lunar line drawn outside zodiac degrees on right side is marked by solar months and shows earth tilt at the end of each solar month in degrees.

  5. Presence of moon in last 4.5 nakshatras (2 signs) marked by green dots indicate period of panchaka.

  6. Red solar dates indicate equinoxes, solstices and memorable dates.

  7. NEWS indicates four directions North, South, East and West .

    If plotted at own meridians :-

  8. Rectangular area marked by figure 1 to 12 which denotes solar months on either side of parent country time zone is helpful to assess early / late sun rise & sun set

  9. Red dots in padas ring help to know rising sign in east at any time (birth lagna).

Additional Features in II version :-

  1. M. Sec. Watch shows time in metric seconds.

  2. M. Min. Watch shows time in metric minutes.

  3. Palas Watch shows time in Palas.

  4. Equator Day Watch shows demarcation of A.M. / P.M. as well as day / night with duration of chaughariya and prahar at equator of earth along with time in ghatis.

  5. Days Meter shows time in days competed from any memorable event of life. e.g. birth, marriage etc. up to one million days, if feeded once.

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