The invented watch shows about ; which are of great importance to human beings in their day-to-day life. Some of them are:-

"By Sun(Hour) Hand"
  1. Scientific measurement of Parent country time on 24 hrs. time scale,as earth rotates once in 24 hrs.
  2. Conversion of present time in metric system of time along with completion of a day in percentage
    (100 Metric hours= 1 day).
  3. Hour hand always indicates the position of Sun in dome shaped sky at time meridian of that place.
  4. Early/late sunrise and early/ late sunset. Thus, indicates longer and shorter duration of day/night from equinox time.
  5. Indicates Sun rise in east and sun set in west.

"By Rotating Earth Disc and Time Zone Ring"
  1. Indicates rotation of Earth from West to East.
  2. Time of more than 30/40 desired foreign countries/cities at their time meridian along with time difference (+) or (-) between any two countries.There is also provision for summer time.
  3. GMT i.e. Universal time.
  4. Places on earth surface having mid noon and mid night with date change at any time of the day.
  5. From time Mederian 180°anti-clockwise indicates rise of heavenly bodies and 180° clockwise indicates setting of the same at equator.At other latitudes it is accordingly(+,-).

"By Moon Hand with it's revolving Ring"
  1. Indicates revolution of moon around Earth.
  2. Different phases of moon including New Moon, Full Moon, first and last Quarter Moon(a synodic lunar month).
  3. Start and end of lunar dates (tithis).
  4. Shows angular distance of moon from earth meridian(earth hand) at any time.
  5. Shows Karnas with position of fixed Karnas
  6. By denoting tropical lunar month helps in family planning to women in reproductive age.
  7. Indicates day of apogee and perigee.Thus helps to know the time and intensity of tide.

"By Lunar Hand"
  1. Indicates revolution of moon around sun( revolving around earth 12 times forming a lunar year).
  2. Desired name lunar year as a whole with 12 lunar months each indicating full moon and new moon.
  3. Difference of days between solar and lunar year by angular difference between earth hand and lunar hand.

"By Earth Hand"
  1. Indicates revolution of Earth around Sun (pivot of Watch being the Sun).
  2. Desired name solar year as a whole with 12 solar months and 365 days.
  3. Day, date, month and year of Gregorian calendar.
  4. Dates having summer/winter solstice and vernal/autumnal equinox.
  5. Seasons including Indian seasons with their duration.
  6. Shows Earth's slant towards Sun at the end of solar months by printed semilunar curve on right side of dial in degrees.
  7. Position of sun from equator(in northern or southern hemisphere)along with dates when sun becomes northern and Southern in direction.
  8. Shows angular distance of earth from first point of Sign Aries.
  9. Dates of personal importance i.e. birthday, wedding anniversary etc.

"By Zodiac"
  1. Situation of Sun (Earth) and Moon in zodiac in a particular rasi, nakshatra, charan & degree.
  2. Birth sign (Lagna), lunar sign and solar sign at birth time of an individual.
  3. Provision for both sayana or nirayana system.
  4. "Panchhak" period by the presence of moon in last two Signs(rasis).
  5. Denots Position of Mean Rahu (ascending Node) & Ketu (descending Node).

"Associate Watches"
  1. Minute & Second watch shows present minutes and seconds.
  2. Metric second watch shows metric second (100 m.sec = 1 m.minute) thus showing one millionth duration of a day.
  3. Week days watch indicates name of the week day clockwise.
  4. A Equator day watch shows time of rising sun, sunset, noon & midnight. Antimeridian/Postmeridian. Day time/Night time. Duration of prahar & choghariya along with time in ghatis(60 Ghatis =24 Hours) at equator of earth.
  5. Metric minute watch shows metric minutes (100 m.min = 1 m.hour).
  6. Palas watch denotes time in Palas.(60 palas=1 Ghati).
  7. Digital days recording meter shows completion of days from any memorable event of life upto one million days.
  8. Room thermometer shows room temperature in oC & oF.
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