1. Which type of Watch it is ?
    It is a mechanical watch made by gears and operated by quartz.

  2. What is needed to run the watch ?
    Only 1.5 volt clock movement battery is required.

  3. What is the present size?
    At present the prototype size is 15” x 15” x 4” and can be fixed on wall at head height for better vision.

  4. If we don’t want all parameters ?
    Different models of different size prepared according to individuals requirement.

  5. How frequently correction required?
    Once in 4 years for leap day. For lunar dates if required.

  6. Whether download facility available?
    Yes, 2 versions can be downloaded on computer desktop by paying Indian Rupees 99 only for India and $5 USD for countries other than India. For setting digital days meter acording to desired date and time of your own Rs. 100 for India & $5 USD outside India extra.

  7. Whether available in market at present ?
    We are trying to license the technology for its commercial production at international level.

  8. Whether technology is patented?
    Yes, Indian patent no. is 213004. Patent in Europe and Japan under progress.

  9. What is different in this watch ?
    Watch denotes more than 50 parameters e.g. time of different Countries, Lunar dates and Months, Solar dates and Months, Seasons and about astronomy.
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